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The online conference provides and alternative for people who don’t want to attend in-person in 2021. There will be new, totally separate sessions offered. Someone who attends the in-person event is welcome to attend the online events at additional cost. In the event that the in-person conference has to be cancelled, registrants will be given free admission to the online sessions and their registration fees for online will roll over to in-person 2022 Crime Bake.

Sunday, November 14

7:00 PM
Introduction and Launch
Overview of how we got here, acknowledge CB’s 20th year, and provide a guide on how to see/interact with upcoming sessions Connie Johnson Hambley and Paula Munier

7:30 PM
A Conversation with Hank Phillippi Ryan
TV journalist, Novelist, Teacher. Where does she find the time? A conversation with our super powered friend and fellow author to find out how she does it!

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Connie Johnson Hambley, Paula Munier


Thursday Nov. 18, 12 PM 25 min
Homing in on the Dead
Writers talk about characters “demanding to be heard” or stories that “poured onto the pages” as if channeled from “some other place.” A conversation with author and medium Carolyn Wilkins and Connie Johnson Hambley explore how spirits may be trying to tell their stories through our fictional characters.

Wednesday Nov. 17, 6 PM 35 min
Crimes, Craft and Cocktails: A Conversation with Shawn Crosby
Jennifer Gordon of Vox Vomitas interviews Shawn Crosby (Blacktop Wasteland, Razorblade Tears) and what makes a killer story.

Tuesday Nov. 16, 6 PM 35 min
New England After Dark with Paul Tremblay
Jennifer Gordon of Vox Vomitas interviews Paul Tremblay (No Sleep til Wonderland, Survivor Song) In this “love letter to New England,” Paul will talk about New England as a setting and character in his work, how he has used all of his favorite places in his most disturbing work.

Monday Nov. 15, 6 PM 35 min
The Making of a Murdererino with Meghan Collins
Jennifer Gordon of Vox Vomitas interviews Megan Collins (The Family Plot). This conversation focuses on the murderino/true crime/citizen detective community and how that works as inspiration for Megan’s work.

Monday Nov. 15, 12 PM 30 min 
Killer Minds
A guided conversation by Connie Johnson Hambley between Joanna Schaffhausen, author of psychological thrillers, and Tammy Jones, Forensic Psychologist and expert witness in murder trials. Her high-profile cases include the Clark Rockefeller and Abigail Hanna kidnapping trials. Tammy and Joanna explore the criminal mind and what authors get write even if the lawyers get it wrong.

Killer Sessions: Workshops

Monday Nov. 15 7:00 – 8:00 PM 45 min recorded; 15 min Q&A  max 100
Harnessing Viewpoint and Voice
Agents and editors always say they are looking for a fresh “voice.” So what does that mean, and how do you create one? In this workshop, Hallie Ephron teases apart point of view (viewpoint) and narrative voice. Then, we’ll examine how to harness viewpoint to create a voice that makes characters, setting, dialogue, and action far more compelling.

Presenter: Hallie Ephron

Tuesday Nov. 16 7:00 – 8:00 PM 45 min recorded; 15 min Q&A  max 100
Writing Cops in 2021
Bruce Coffin talks about changes in policing and writing about procedure now.
Presenter: Bruce Coffin

Wednesday Nov. 17 7:00 – 8:00 PM 45 min recorded; 15 min Q&A max 100
Historical Research and Conduction Oral History Interviews
Frankie Bailey walks participants through some of the basics of conducting historical research, including what resources to use and who to speak with.
Presenter: Frankie Bailey

Thursday Nov. 18 7:00 – 8:00 PM 45 min recorded; 15 min Q&A max 100
The Path to Murder
All roads lead to a mystery-writing success. Agent, editor, and USA-TODAY bestselling author PAULA MUNIER explores the many Career Paths for Mystery Writers.
Presenter: Paula Munier

Crime Bake Standards

Sunday November 14

5-6 min
Al Blanchard Award
Leslie Wheeler presents the winning short story and author. Finalists also acknowledged.

2 sessions 7 min each
Debut Authors Acknowledgement
Brenda Buchanan acknowledges authors who have had their first book published/released in the past year

Friday Nov. 19, 12 PM Multiple sessions 30 seconds each
Two Truths and One Lie
Crime Bake Committee Members tell it all

6 minutes
Mo Walsh will announce winners of the Flashwords Contest. Winner and Finalists will be read by Crime Bake VIPs.

Live and Interactive Sessions

TBD 45 to 60 minutes
Ask the Experts
Industry Experts on a variety of issues meet registrants and answer their frequently asked questions

Saturday Nov. 20, 7:00 PM 45 to 60 min
Closing Cocktail Party
Fun summary and recap. Connie Johnson Hambley and Paula Munier

Multiple Participant Videos

Friday Nov. 19, 7 PM Multiple zooms with one winner per session. Polling will be used to choose winner sessions– 5 rooms of 10 participants each
Have a killer idea for a book? Give your 15 second pitch to a Zoom Room of peers and one agent. Each room will have a “winner.” Winners go head to head in a killer finale. Recorded Zoom sessions. Finale is live with polling. Paula Munier and other Agents and Editors will participate.

Monday Nov. 15, 8 PM
Special guest mystery writers show the settings that inspire them, not just where they set their stories but where they go to write, think, and create. It might be 21st century Vermont or 19th century Boston. With maps, photographs, museum trips, newspapers and maybe a road trip or two, these authors will show where the mystery happens.

Presenters: Ray Anderson, Sarah Stewart Taylor, Sarah Smith, Ang Pompano

Tuesday Nov. 16, 8 PM
Guest mystery writers describe how they create appealing protagonists, villains, and supporting casts. Some authors will reveal their visual aids character sketch forms, vision boards, or series bibles giving viewers great tips on creating compelling characters.

Presenters: Archer Mayor, Wendy Tyson, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, Kate Flora, Judy Copek, Spencer Quinn

Wednesday Nov. 17, 8 PM
In their New England home settings, mystery writers describe how they dream up twists and turns and murderous plots. It’s not just fingers on a keyboard that they use. Index cards? Scrivener screens? Three-act structure sheets or beat sheets? View for great tips!

Presenters: William Martin,  Edith Maxwell, Edwin Hill, Jane Willan, Brendan DuBois