Manuscript Critiques

FRICB2013-051Who better than New England Crime Bake authors to give you honest feedback and help you improve your writing? Send in up to 20 pages of a work in progress and get feedback from one of our author/presenters during a 15-minute critique session. In 2020, the critique will happen by phone, Zoom or perhaps an email exchange – as mutually agreed.

Price, Deadlines, Policies

  • The cost for a manuscript critique is $75 per manuscript with a maximum of 20 pages/4,500 words.

  • No manuscripts will be accepted after October 13.

  • There will be no refunds after October 13.

I felt affirmed, challenged andProcess

  1. Register for a manuscript critique

Registration for critiques opens on September 8.

  2. Prepare your writing sample.

  • Word DOC files or RTF (rich-text format-virtually all word processing programs allow you to save to this format).

  • Maximum 20 pages/4,500 words, double-spaced with 1 inch margins, standard 12-point font

  • On the first page, put your name, email, and the category of your submission.

  • Pages must be numbered.

  • OPTIONAL: You may include a 1-page (250 word) description of the manuscript from which your sample is excerpted. If you choose to include this the description and manuscript must be in the same file

3. Email your writing sample as an attachment. Address the e-mail to the Manuscript Co-ordinator.

Note: Please do this only after you have registered for the manuscript critique.

4. When we receive your writing sample we will forward your writing sample to a Crime Bake author/critic who is the best match available for you.

Writing samples are assigned to author/critics on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Your assigned author will contact you and schedule a 15-minute critique session at a mutually convenient time.