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Sunday Morning Forensics Sessions

Crime Bake’s Sunday morning forensics sessions provide mystery writers and fans with in-depth views into modern forensics. The cost of these valuable sessions is included in your conference registration. No need to pre-register

Mock Crime SceneForensics Session 1: Police Tactics–Nailing the Details (Sunday 9am to 10:10am)

with Brian Thiem and Bruce Robert Coffin
There’s no quicker way to turn readers off than by getting your “cop stuff” wrong. Whether your protagonist is a police detective or an amateur sleuth, you’ll need to know how cops operate in tactical situations. How do they hold a suspect at gunpoint? How do they conduct vehicle or foot pursuits? How do they search a dark house or building where an armed suspect might be hiding? If you’ve learned police tactics from watching Hawaii Five-O, maybe you need some refresher training. Retired Lieutenant Brian Thiem and Retired Detective Sergeant Bruce Robert Coffin will talk details, helping you write realistic, authentic, and exciting scenes involving your police characters.

About Brian Thiem: Retired Oakland Police Detective and Lieutenant Brian Thiem is the author of Red Line (Aug 2015), the first of a 3-book series published by Crooked Lane Books. He served for 25 years on the Oakland Police Department. As an officer, he worked patrol, special operations, and vice/narcotics. As a sergeant, he worked criminal investigations, homicide, and patrol. As a lieutenant, he commanded a patrol sector and the special operations (SWAT), special investigations, and homicide units. He also served 28 years in the Army, concluding with a year of active duty in Iraq with the Criminal Investigation Command. Upon retiring from OPD, he has taught criminal justice courses and consulted in the fields of corporate security and public safety. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

About Bruce Robert Coffin: Retired Detective Sergeant Bruce Robert Coffin served more than 27 years on the Portland Police Department. He supervised all homicide and violent crime investigations for Maine’s largest city. Bruce has completed work on what he hopes will be his first published novel, The Reaping. His short story “Foolproof” appears in Best New England Crime Stories 2016: Red Dawn.

Forensics Session 2: Fighting Cyber Crime–An Introduction to Digital Forensics (Sunday 11:30am to 12:40pm)

with Doug White
Digital Forensics sleuth, scholar, and private investigator Doug White will give us a back-alley tour of cyber crime, profiling victims and criminals, exploring motives (not always monetary), and telling stories wild enough to curl the hair and make us swear off online banking forever.  He’ll begin with the time the Federal Reserve Bank asked him to test its digital security by using his digital chops to steal a modest sum of money. Doug mounted a so-called “salami attack,” watched eight million dollars pour into an online account over six days, and (sigh) returned it all.  After a general overview of the territory, Doug will take a deeper look at digital forensics and other topics sure to spark a crime writer’s imagination.

About Doug White: Doug White holds a PhD in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Rhode Island, directs the Cybersecurity and Networking Program at Roger Williams University, and runs his own digital security company. He has consulted with federal and state authorities on cyber crime and is much in demand as a speaker at tech and professional conferences nationwide.  In addition to service rendered for hundreds of private clients, Dr. White has worked for the Federal Reserve System, the Department of Energy, and Lockheed Martin.  He hasn’t been tasered since 2004.

Mock Crime Web

From left: Robert LaBarge, Jr., Police Detective Lieutenant (ret.) Elaine Gill, author Len Rosen