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Agents and Editors

Attendees will have three formal opportunities to meet the agents and editors attending Crime Bake:

Agent Donna Bagdasarian speaks to group at Practice Your Pitch

Agent Donna Bagdasarian speaks to group at Practice Your Pitch

  • Practice Your Manuscript Pitch Seminar
  • Agents and Editors Roundtables
  • One-on-One Pitch Sessions

The “Practice Your Pitch” seminar and roundtables are included in your conference fee. One-on-one pitch sessions can be purchased for $15.

Agents and Editors Attending Crime Bake

A complete listing of agents and editors can be found here.[LINK]

Practice Your Pitch Seminar

I liked that we broke into small groupsThis Friday evening seminar opens with a short introductory presentation on what makes a pitch work. Then participants get to work on their pitches in small groups led by a literary agent or editor. The goal is for every writer who wants to practice pitching to get that opportunity in a supportive environment. Participants benefit not just from working on their own pitches, but also from listening to and participating in critiques of their fellow writers.

Registration: Must register in advance. This session fills up.
Date and Time: Friday, 7:45 to 8:50 p.m.
Coordinator: Paula Munier

Agents and Editors Roundtables: Page One Critiques
Agent Sorche Fairbank

Agent Sorche Fairbank

Attendees will be assigned to a roundtable (ten to a table) staffed by an agent or editor and a published author. You’ll receive your table number when you check in for the conference. Participants will bring a single sheet of paper with their title, subgenre*, a logline (a summary of 35 words or less), and the first page of their novel (standard double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman). The published author will read the sheet aloud (unless you prefer to yourself), and then the agent or editor and the publisher author will offer feedback. If the agent or editor is interested in seeing more, he or she can make a note and communicate with participants afterward.

*subgenre: category of crime fiction, such as traditional, hardboiled, noir, police procedural, private eye, historical, thriller, medical, legal, psychological suspense, romantic suspense, western, paranormal, military, technological, political, forensic, espionage

Registration: Must register in advance. This session will fill up fast. Limited to 100 participants. There will be a wait list.
Date and Time: Saturday, 1:45 to 3:00 PM

One-on-One Pitch Sessions

positive feedbackThree-minute, one-on-one pitch sessions give you an opportunity to formally pitch your novel face to face to agents and editors you choose.

Instead of signing up in advance for a single pitch with a preselected agent or editor, participants will line up (quietly, please!) for the agents and editors they want to pitch. We will make maps available so that you can easily find the agents and editors you want to pitch to. First come, first served. Pitches will be strictly limited to three minutes. Some participants may decide to increase their number of pitches by choosing shorter lines. Others might decide to wait in a longer line for that special agent or editor. If the agent or editor is interested in reading your work, he or she will tell you how to submit it. Please don’t bring your submissions with you to the session! As the conference approaches, we will add the bios of the agents and editors who will be receiving pitches.

Admission Fee: $15
Registration: Must register in advance. Maximum: 150 participants.
Note: If you have already registered and wish to add an agent pitch, you can sign back into the registration site by following the link on your confirmation e-mail.
Date and Time: Saturday, 4:20 to 6:00 p.m.

Still have questions? Fears? Trepidations? See the Agents & Editors section of the Crime Bake FAQs, HERE.